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Comparing frameworks

Lorcan 1 min read

I have just come across a white paper produced by Sakai which compares the Sakai framework with the international ELF work. Many readers will be familiar with Sakai:

ELF (The eLearning framework is an international initiative which aims to support the emergence of service oriented approaches to learning technology.
My eye was caught by the recommendations of the white paper. It considers a range of ELF-proposed services and makes some notes about them. Interestingly it suffests that some should be “pushed off” to a library effort. These include: ‘resolver’, ‘metadata registry’, ‘harvesting’, ‘catalog’/’archive’.
I am not aware that these areas have been picked up by any library grouping specifically in the context of this discussion.

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University Futures are shaping Library Futures

University Futures are shaping Library Futures

Libraries are not ends in themselves, but serve the interests of the organizations of which they are a part. As university emphasis varies around research, education and career poles, we can expect to see libraries evolve to support those emphases more strongly.
Lorcan 8 min read

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