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burke.jpgA while ago, I reported a discussion with a used bookseller about the conflicting requirements of his online and walk-in stores.
I read in the Irish Times (September 24) that Kenny’s, a bookselling institution based in Galway, is to close its shop doors and go fully online. They sell Irish books worldwide, to libraries and others. Tom Kenny is quoted:

“Twenty per cent of all books sold in America last year were sold online and the overhads of selling online compared to in a city centre location are startling; why not avail of that?” Though there was a huge attachment to the High Street shop forged in family blood, sweat and tears, it was now cost-effective to take this new direction of full-scale internet retailing.

Space trumps place.
Note: I see that Kenny’s includes an OCLC number in their entries (click on the picture to see one), from which I created this link.


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