Blogging back at them


More from YouTube: two videos to make you smile … and think. They have been mentioned in various places. Nice to note them together, shortly after noting Balcony.tv, as they are manifestations of what is discussed in the first.
My title is a line from the first, which nicely mocuments (if this is not a word, it should be 😉 the rise of ‘rampant disintermediation’ as people do things for themselves.
The second rockuments (ok, ok!) the buzzing explosion of Web 2.0 stuff with a library slant. Are you blogging this is a creation of David Lee King, who notes other ways of participating in this musical experience.
First via The Long Tail.
Second via Steve Lawson.

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Celebrating Ohio

Celebrating Ohio

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Elected ...

I thought it would be nice to record that a couple of my colleagues had recently been elected to positions

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