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Lorcan 1 min read

Here are some blogs of potential interest, two from OCLC and one from JISC.
From OCLC:

The Developers’ Network blog

This provide updates about services which allow applications integrate OCLC services and data.
And Andrew Pace reappears in a new location:

Hectic Pace

JISC now has a blog from the Information Environment Team, which, if they keep going ;-), will be a good place to look for developments in repositories, preservation and resource discovery. There will be a UK emphasis, but it should also be of general interest. No doubt, it will also be marked by ‘high acronymic density’.

Information environment team

Roy alerted me to Andrew’s reappearance (and he also writes for The Developers’ Network blog). Thanks to eFoundations for the note about the Information Environment Team blog.
Incidentally, I reckon that eFoundations is currently one of the most consistently interesting blogs in our space. I say ‘currently’ because I find that preferences shift with changing interests. Fickle me or what … 😉

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Lorcan 3 min read

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