Black and white movies again ....

Lorcan 1 min read

A late Friday afternoon note …..
I was watching an old episode of 8 simple rules this morning. Rory had to do a book report on To Kill a Mocking Bird. His father got the Gregory Peck movie, but his mother suggested he actually read the book, or read the book and watch the movie. I was amused to hear Rory say something along the lines of …

Forget it. I am not going to read a book and watch a black and white movie too.

Luckily, he later came across notes on the book which mean that he could give up reading it 😉
I was reminded of my own note about ‘black and white’ movies a while ago ….

I was surprised to discover a while ago that the children had never actually seen a western! We agreed we would look out for one on TV and watch it. The first we saw was in black and white. No way would they watch a movie in black and white 😉 It was soooo old. We never did manage to watch a full one … [Lorcan Dempsey’s weblog: Westerns]

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