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I signed up to GoodReads earlier today to see what it was like. I entered a few books and was interested to try combining some editions. I got this message …
I thought this was an interesting choice of words. What can a librarian do?

Goodreads members with Librarian Status can edit book and author data, add book covers, and combine different editions of books. Each book and author has one unique entry in the Goodreads database. Librarians help correct book issues, like if the data isn’t correct, or is missing things like the book description or URL. [Goodreads | librarian manual]

What do you have to do to become a ‘librarian’?

We have a little ‘safeguard’ rule where we like users to have at least 50 books shelved before granting them librarian status. This just helps us make sure that those tidying up the data are committed to the site. [Goodreads | apply to be a librarian]

It is interesting – and quite nice, I thought – that ‘librarian’ is the term used for those who pass a certain threshold in terms of collection management. That said, the threshold is not set too hign ….


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