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I enjoyed a visit to The National Library of Scotland (NLS) a while ago. The NLS has an area on YouTube, showing videos from the Scottish Screen Archive. Here is a link to an interesting video (embedding is disabled) which is rather more engaging than its description suggests 😉

This short clip from the film “From Glasgow Green to Bendigo” (1961) shows an artist from the Templeton Carpet Factory in Glasgow, Scotland demonstrating, in a flamboyant style, how the pattern for a new carpet is designed and created. [YouTube – Carpet design at Templeton’s in Glasgow, Scotland]

I wonder did he always work in a suit? One of the tags in the description is ‘cheesy’ (I think these are assigned by NLS staff?).
The Scottish Screen Archive has its own website:

The Scottish Screen Archive is Scotland’s national moving images collection. It preserves over 100 years of Scottish history on film and video. [Scottish Screen Archive]

I was actually led to YouTube via this presentation I came across on SlideShare:

It discusses some of the issues involved in making the videos available on YouTube. There is a nice picture of YouTube metadata on slide 8. And on slide 14 they suggest that “every website we upload a moving image to is a ‘shop window’ to the National Library of Scotland”.
Finally, with Euro 2008 just finished, here is a clip from an earlier era with a goal by a Scottish footballing legend.
Update: Referring to the NLS presentation above, Seb Chan has an interesting post contrasting YouTube and Flickr. He attributes the presentation to Ann Cameron (who is listed as a contact in the presentation).
Update: There is a nice response to this post on the Blog of the digital library of Scotland. It gives credit for the presentation to Ann Cameron, Liam Paterson and Eilidh MacGlone. And it points to a writeup of the initiative by Eilidh MacGlone. An earlier entry on the blog provides provides some context for the Scottish Screen Archive.


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