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You can reach me in the usual ways: You can also send me a note using this form: Check the About page for a brief bio, pictures and other details: LorcanDempsey.netWelcome! This is a place to bring together my work on library services and di…
Summary Lorcan
Hi! Brief bio, contact details and pics below, together with links to fuller info. Get in touch!
Reflecting life and career: Advice to an LIS graduate student
What do I value about libraries? asked a student. What is essential for a library student to know? Here are several ways in which life experiences have influenced my views.

A post reflecting on advice to somebody starting their library career, which leans on personal experience more than most. 

Selected publications - Lorcan Dempsey
I have written widely over the years. Topics have evolved, but follow a general chronological arc from the technical, through the description of evolving digital systems and services, to organizational and institutional issues.

A pretty full list of publications with a commentary on themes of interest. 

And as a starter, here are some posts about topics of special interest or with which I am associated. 
Collection directions accelerated? Pandemic effects
Over the past few years I have been talking about three systemic ways in which collections, broadly understood, are evolving in a network environment. They are: the collective collection, the facilitated collection, and the inside-out collection.

Discusses collective collections, inside out collections and the facilitated collection with links to other writings. 

The powers of library consortia 1: how consortia scale capacity, learning, innovation and influence
Libraries and related organizations group together in a variety of ways to get their work done. They consort where there are scale advantages: to lobby, for example, to negotiate and license, to reduce costs, or to build shared infrastructure.

The first in a series of posts on library collaboration. Discusses the balance between autonomy and efficient working and issues of collective action.

Memory institutions redux: pluralizing memories and a stay against forgetting
We are now used to memory institutions as a way of collectively referring to libraries, archives and museums.

A discussion of memory and forgetting and the role of memory institutions. 


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The social, cultural and technological contexts of libraries, services and networks

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