Ross Singer wins software contest

Lorcan 1 min read

Probably appropriate to do this as a haiku 😉
To: rsinger@gatech
From: OCLC
The check’s in the mail.
I am pleased to announce that Ross wins our second software contest with Umlaut. Congratulations Ross …!
And Jesse Andrews was a very strong runner up with BookBurro.
Thanks to judges Thom Hickey, Walt Crawford, Liz Lawley and Roy Tennant.
There is a description of Umlaut with examples of use at this page:

The Umlaut is an OpenURL Link Resolver intended to improve access to library collections by contextualizing citations and available holdings more accurately for a given user. It utilizes a host of web services, including many from OCLC, and will take several paths depending on what it finds at various stages. [About Ross Singer’s Umlaut [OCLC]]

And folks can follow developments at that must-go destination, the Dilettante’s Ball.


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