QOTD: The celebrity social networker


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Stephen Fry writing in the Guardian about his secret presences:

I have to confess that while gaming as such is not my first interest, and I don’t spend much time in World of Warcraft, Halo or Manhunt, I do have a Second Life existence (you’ll never find me, so don’t look. Lord, there’s a thought: “celebrity avatars exposed” – fair chills the blood). I have a secret presence on Facebook and a public one, too, which I don’t have the time to pay much attention to. So, yes, I’ll undoubtedly have a look at Web 2.0, social networking and other contentious and contemporary digital issues. [Stephen Fry: Welcome to dork talk | Weekend | Guardian Unlimited]

Will we see social networking evolve to cater for celebrity or for work heirarchies or for many other


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