Galway bay, Kylie Minogue and vertical integration

Lorcan 1 min read

googlesearch.png[warning – some navel gazing follows, where the navel is my own]
I wrote about the Kylie Minogue exhibition at the V&A a while ago. When I mentioned her in a second entry, a colleague sent a gently teasing note asking how far I would go to improve my chances of being ‘found’ by the searcher. And in fact, looking through my logs I notice that a post mentioning the Da Vinci Code does better than one might expect for a post of that age (oops … I have just done it again 😉
We have just been looking at BlogFlux which does a nice Google Map for you of where traffic is coming from (we being J.D. Shipengrover, Eric Childress and I). It also shows search terms of traffic coming from Google. And it is quite interesting.
Who would have thought that a Google search on ‘vertical integration‘ would return this post on the first page? And the same for ‘self disclosure‘ and this entry, and ‘fan fiction‘ and this one.
Or that somebody searching for Galway Bay landed on this early entry from the days when the blog was internal only (mm… maybe I should recycle some of those entries – maybe not this one ;-).
And this is strange. A search on ‘systems environment‘ returns this post as number one? Surely some mistake?
I haven’t tended to look at logs much. This makes it somewhat more interesting ….
Update: When I did the original Galway Bay post I linked to an Amazon page where there was a clip of Dolores Keane singing it. If I were doing it now I could opt to link to a version on YouTube.


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