End of year randomness

Lorcan 1 min read

gawain.jpgI am in Ireland and am traveling over the holiday period so there is unlikely to be much posting until I am back at work in the New Year.
Incidentally, I picked up a nifty Fujifilm “world adaptor and USB charger” in JFK en route which – on the basis of a couple of days use – I can recommend for those who have to carry around various adaptors. It does a many to many conversion quite elegantly in a single compact device. Mind you, I did not get to try the USB charger feature which I notice an Amazon.co.uk reviewer does not recommend.
Unfortunately I appear to have left my laptop cable and the adaptor behind me on my trip to OCLC offices in Sheffield (that’s Sheffield, England) yesterday. Another reason there may not be much posting 😉
And a final random note for the holidays: On the way back from Sheffield to Manchester airport, I stayed overnight in the village of Heathersage in the Peak District, allegedly the birthplace of Little John, Robin Hood’s burly companion. In the morning I walked up to the graveyard where he is buried.
And then I made a magical trip across the frost covered hills towards the airport. Looking out at the frost on the trees and the haze fading on the hills I was reminded that this is the part of the country that the poet of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is thought to have come from. I reckon that we will soon see a Sir Gawain and the Green Knight movie now that Beowulf has paved the way 😉
Almost out of power ……


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