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Doing things with software and data.

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Libraries, and archives and museums, are social organizations, entangled in multiple histories, politics and value systems.

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Broadly construed .. how we experience systems, services and interfaces.

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Notes about books, movies and reading.

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Libraries are not ends in themselves but support the goals of their communities. Research and learning behaviors drive academic library change.

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The network organization of personal, social and academic life.

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Collections are changing. They are being optimized and pluralized. I have introduced concepts such as the collective collection, the inside-out collection, and the facilitated collection.

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Significant or influential posts. This selection is seeded by select posts from Lorcan Dempsey's Weblog, my blog at OCLC.

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Comments about the site, or more personal observations or topics.

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Libraries work together in a variety of ways to increase efficiency and impact. But collaboration is difficult. Personality and politics play a big part alongside incentives and organizational structures.

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