The future of media?

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As we have been traveling I haven’t been watching a lot of TV, I thought I would go and have a look at a few videos of discussed Olympic events.
The BBC is usually my first port of call for things like this, but of course, as noted previously, they will not allow their video clips to be viewed outside the UK.

We use technology to prevent people from outside the UK from accessing content that we need to limit to the UK for rights reasons. [BBC NEWS | Help | Your guide to the BBC Embedded Media Player]

So, over to NBC. Lots of materials here, and a wide range of videos. However, to watch a video you need first to watch an advert. After a while of seeing the same ad for AT&T, Nissan or Budweiser it gets a bit tedious.
Free is rarely quite free.
Incidentally, I was interested that I had to download Silverlight to view the NBC material.




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